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  • October 22
    Posted by Chris Dove
    Question: Why move to Spain? Answer: Paella
  • I recently took part in a well-known property show, aimed at helping people to find a little spot of sunshine in which to purchase their dream home and try a life abroad. So many hopeful buyers, mooching around the maze of stands: property agents, lawyers, tax and finance experts - everything under...
  • October 15
    Posted by Izabela L-Sletner
    It is a truth universally acknowledged that “negative” feelings are not welcome in our lives. We would actually do anything to get rid of them and live happily without them. Unfortunately the buggers won’t listen to us and constantly come back. We fight and resist them, we pretend ...
  • Hello Maxine, you have been in Spain for a long time - why did you decide to move to Spain I came when my youngest son was two, fell in love with the beauty of Spain and the friendly Spanish people, having lived in the center of London for fourteen years, it was like a breath of fresh air, I knew a...