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  • Thu at 1:57 PM
    Posted by lesley enfield
    October 19, 2017 56th Blog   Day 24 As this is Hebridean week on my blog (the first of many as I seem to have so much to tell you all) this picture shows you the big sky. The land up there is very flat with no trees so the sky seems massive. It is a magical place for about 13 days o...
  • Wed at 2:03 PM
    Posted by lesley enfield
    October 18, 2017 56th blog Day 23 Peat. So here’s how it works……… One day in spring (in the Hebrides that means 5 degrees and howling winds) My stepfather goes out to the moors and spends about two days with another man turfing the peats. (taking about two foot ...
  • Tue at 2:57 PM
    Posted by lesley enfield
    Day 22. This is the barn. In here all manner of things took place from storing hay, bikes and lawnmowers to cows, sheep and puppies in barrells. It seems now like a conservatory to the main house where my step father spent the rest of his days really. Well, who can blame the man…… h...
  • Tue at 1:39 PM
    Posted by lesley enfield
    I have been writing a blog on wordpress since the 26th of September this year to celebrate if you like my 56th year on the planet! So I am going to share it here too on Costa women as I am living in Spein now. Hope you enjoy. Catch me on wordpress under 56th Blog  Lesley Enfield  Octobe...