• Did you know that you can ask for a second opinion in serious diseases?, you can, and it's very easy.

    When you are diagnosed of a serious condition, or if the treatment proposed for a non serious condition presents high risk you are entitled to a second opinion within the national health system.

    The list of conditions covered are here:

    You can start the process in the webpage if you have a digital certificate:

    you must have in mind that the following conditions must be met:

    • you must live in Andalusia (legal resident)
    • your diagnosis must have been made here
    • the treatment is not urgent
    • you haven't done it before for the same disease

    You have to include your last report, but I think it's useful to include everything that is relevant: a complete report, images if you have and relevant lab reports.

    To do it via snail mail: you must include a copy of your DNI and NIE and send it with all the relevant information to:

    Dirección General de Asistencia Sanitaria del Servicio Andaluz de Salud
    Unidad Central de Tramitación de Segunda Opinión Médica
    Salud Responde
    Hospital Neurotraumatológico, carretera Bailén-Motril s/n, 23071 Jaén
    Teléfono: 902.505.060


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