Do you Like Your Children's Paediatricinan?

  • I didn't. he was very aloof, rushed, he didn't paid attention to my daughter's loss of calcium in her urine, and I knew because of my research that it could lead to kidney stones and even kidney failure.

    So I really didn't like him!!

    What could I do? go private?, but I wanted to stick with the public system because they are better for the complicated cases, so private was no good.

    I wanted to change within the public system.

    I asked friends and even strangers, and I got many recommendations. I choose one in a health centre in Málaga.

    The problem was that the people in the health centre administration didn't like my idea, they said I had to stick with the health centre that I was, I could change to one of the others pediatricians there.

    I started looking at the SAS webpage for help, and I found it!:

    Here it states clearly that you are entitled to change GP or pediatrician within the public system!!, I printed out the information, I went to the health centre, I presented my papers and NO problem this time!.

    Now I have not just a good, but a great pediatrician. She also works in the materno infantil hospital so that's great

    Remember, you can change GP or pediatrician within Andalusia  take the print out of the web page with you when you request the change.

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