New services

  • I am now adding this two new services:

    * Help if you fall ill during your vacation: there are few things more terrifying than being sick In a foreign country. That is even worse If you don't speak the language.
    So we are proposing a new service that consists of:
    . Suggesting reputable hospitals to go
      to get good care
    . Speaking with your insurance company to take care of the details 
    . Staying with you while you are being seen and make sure you understand and that your doctors understand you
    . Making a summary in English of what happened to take home with you.
    * If you are planning on taking private insurance, it is very important to know your priorities, do you want the insurance to cover everything or just the very expensive things?, do you want to be able to choose any doctor or you'll be happy with a closed group of providers?
    We are offering taking in consideration your wishes and helping you figure out what would be the best insurance for you.
    I am sure this new services will be of great help to many people. So please share!