when you don't have the medical facts you cannot have an opinion

  • Today the ABIM foundation featured a blog post by a man that went to see a orthopedic surgeon for elbow pain, but didn't want to have a  x-ray taken because of fear of malignancy due to radiation 


    " There is growing evidence of the danger of radiation exposure. (They were careful to place protection over my “family jewels” as they x-rayed my wrist.) It is not about just the one x-ray, it’s the accumulation of x-rays over 20 to 30 years and beyond that worries me. I think an x-ray was unnecessarily done “to” me in this instance and would have felt more comfortable refusing the x-ray for the sake of my long-term health. Others may chose otherwise but the evidence is clear that informed patients generally opt for less care rather than more and when given an opportunity, they “choose wisely.”

    I strongly believe in engaged patients, but as I say every day, an engaged patient does his RESEARCH, if this man had done this, he would have realised that one elbow x ray equals three hours of just breathing (background radiation).


    That won't add up to anything in the future.And he doesn't understand why they covered what he calls "family jewels", I am assuming he is talking about testicles?

    Besides, many orthopedic surgeons ask for x rays, if you don't agree with the doctor, go to another one, how about a GP?

    This is not a "choosing wisely" example, this is a confused knowledge example