• this past week I have been battling with the recognition of healthcare coverage for minors.

    The law (all of them, even the 2012 one), the constitution and  the UN convention of children's rights (which Spain has signed) all state that " children under 18 years old will receive the same health coverage than any Spaniard" (law 16/2003 of may 28).

    This is very clear, yet when I went to the seg soc office, they told me that that covers "urgent care", then the funcionaria went on to tell me that if "she went to chile she would have to take out a medical coverage, so the child should do the same when coming to spain"....!!!!!!

    I was dumbfounded, I couldn’t speak part rage part astonishment.

    Thinking that perhaps I had misread the law, I called the head office in Madrid, the lady there even got angry, telling me that of course they recognize the children's right to healthcare access!!!!!, this is in the constitution! and the UN convention!
    And that when the last law came into action they discussed this in their training sessions, apparently the funcionaria I got missed those sessions..??

    So in rage I found this initiative from some doctors inside the public system that don’t agree with the law:

    I ask you to go to their page and read what is that YOU can do to fight this.
    Many people have died because of this law, this has to stop.