The patient that did not receive the wrong dose of chemotherapy

  • I am sure that when I give seminars and I talk about being an empowered patient, doing your research and knowing your disease and treatments people think it's too much, they think i'm a little bit coo-coo as my children say.

    Well, it turns out I AM RIGHT!

    I have a patient doing a very serious chemotherapy treatment. from the start he was a very involved patient, wanting to know the details of his disease and treatment. Being like this, he knew that he had to receive 2 bags of one chemo and 5 bags of another.

    So when the nurse came and try to administer a third bag of the first chemo, he said NO!, the nurse got angry, but he maintained his stance telling her that he wanted to speak with a doctor before receiving it.

    He then called me, I called his Dr. in the hospital, and of course HE WAS RIGHT. The nurse was wrong.

    What would have happened if he had no idea about his treatment?, well he would have gotten the wrong dose of chemotherapy.

    and this could happen any time with outpatient treatments as well, so knowing what is your treatment and why is very important. And don't think this happens only in Spain, in the US 100.00 people a year DIE from a medical error, so, WOW.

    being an empowered patient pays off every time. It may seem a drag, but it's not.

    As usual errors in medication happen after a series of errors occurred, if somebody is interested in knowing how this happened, give me a shout!