• Just to invite everyone to look at clever little strap with lots of uses! secure your handbag to chair at cafes, use at the airport, on buggys even carry multiples of shopping together! Can also be used to secure your precious pooch! Blinged up or plain-you decide! Can also be customised with flowers, disc showing place and date for use as wedding favours! Use it or lose it girls!


  • stacey lloyd
    stacey lloyd where can I see this and what is the cost?
    May 20, 2013
  • Aiveen omalley
    Aiveen omalley Hi Stacey, where are you based? They can be purchased from website or ¬†available in shops in Nerja or you can buy directly from me of course! The cost is 5 euros. I am also looking for agents if that is of interest to you? my email is aiveenomalley@yahoo....  more
    May 20, 2013