On meditation

  • There are subjects that seem rather boring or uninteresting while talked of or intellectually explained. How much fun is it in talking abour swimming, dancing or riding a bike? The fun is in using the body and the muscles. The fun is in a physical activity itself and not in the instruction booklet. The same applies to meditation. It is an activity of your body not your mind. The only difference is that you have to sit down (in the beginning anyway) instead of getting up from a sofa. Since you are already there and have been for most of your life, try meditation. It will make it easier for you to finally get up from that sofa of yours.  


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  • xandra rowat
    xandra rowat Mediation is a skill, and many of us need help to block out all the "noise" of our busy and stressful lives.  I find nothing more restoring.  Where as with practice you can do it from your sofa, and a start is always better than none, I would recommend go...  more
    September 1, 2014