New Rocking Your Role Women in Business Show

  • How are you Costa Women?

    I hope that you are well

    I wanted to share some news, I have a bi monthly Women in Business radio show 

    You know me, it’s all about Rocking Your Role, so my show provides practical, tried & tested strategies for business women to Rock their Roles in work and life.  You’ll hear these direct from real women, sharing real experience and expertise.

    On the weeks that it is on, my show will air at 10pm BST, 11pm in Spain, 2pm PST. Just click on the ShoutCast button on my host page to listen in. Alternatively they'll be available on Soundcloud the week after - you can listen to the latest interview with Servane Mouazan, founder of Ogunte here

    You can see the full schedule of wonderful business women that I am interviewing here

    Do tune in and let me know what you think. I really hope that that you come away with new strategies that make a difference for you.



  • Heather Gail Harman
    Heather Gail Harman Jenny I think you are amazing - what a great idea!  I cant work out how it all works but call on me if you want to .
    September 18, 2013
  • Jenny Garrett
    Jenny Garrett Thanks Heather. I have all my guests for 2013 but may come back to you in 2014. You should be able to listen to a recording of my first shoe here
    September 18, 2013