Facelift without surgery? At home? Now, it is possible.

  •  SKIN REJUVENATION without any plastic surgery or needles.


    New improvement of Radio frequency, Biolift and Photon Light for home use.


    This magnificent apparatus includes 3 different type of treatments for skin beautifying and skin rejuvenation.


    Easy to learn, easy to use, painless and no side-effects!


    Save time and money in the beauty salons and make your beauty clinic in your favourite place: your home.


    Reecore has launched a RF, EMS, LED home use device that can transform your looks and your moods every time you use it.


    A face lifting that looks 100% natural through a gradual improvement of collagen

    - a perfect skin tone (reduction of "yellowish" skin tone, "smokers" skin tone and skin damaged by excessive exposure to the sun)

    - wrinkles reduction

    - skin rejuvenation

    - skin regeneration

    - acne reduction

    - collagen improvement

    - double chin reduction

    - reduction of dark circles, scars and spots

    - skin elasticity improvement

    - skin lifting around mouth and eyes


    It can be used on the body

    - cellulite reduction

    - reduction of stretch marks

    - activation of blood circulation


    Reecore home use RF, EMS, LED is to be used several times a week for better and long lasting results; to improve your looks before going to a party, a photo shot or special occasion; to repair your skin after a sleepless night or a stressful day at work; it will pamper you for that special occasion.


    Reecore home use RF, EMS, LED can NOT be used after sun exposing, chemical peeling, solarium; and in case of sunburn, skin allergies, bloody scar and other skin inflammations.


    Reecore home use RF.EMS,LED is a natural collagen activation treatment with 3 different programs that work progressively on the skin so as to rejuvenate it without any chemicals, needles or pain.


    Reecore home use RF,EMS,LEd cannot be used directly on the skin without a contact cream or serum. Therefore we OFFER 1 FACELIFT SERUM and 1 LIPOGEL (anti-cellulitic) with the purchase of the machine.


    If you wish to purchase it, send us an e-mail to sales@reecore.com.

    In case you have questions contact us: info@reecore.com.