Dry drier driest skin. Toxin free Bioactive beauty products

  • Dry drier driest skin

    If your skin is dry even after moisturizing, it could be the fact that as we age our cells migrate to the surface slower. This causes a pile up of dead skin cells, which prevents skin products like moisturizers from doing their jobs.

    To solve this problem, try replacing your cleanser with an exfoliating  scrub-exfoliating,  one to three times per week. Exfoliating assists your skin in shedding dead cells and allows moisturizers to be more effective.

    If you have sensitive skin, patch test a small area on your jaw line first.

    Always wet skin to dissolve the crystals faster, and use only your fingertips to gently massage.

    Exfoliation can be your answer. However, remember not to overdo it, and if you have extremely sensitive skin you should avoid it altogether.

    Now your skin is clean and products are easily absorbed. Use a cream enriched with

    Witch hazel or sea silk

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