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  • Whatever product  anyone recommends to you,  you are the ultimate person responsible for your baby´s body and skin care.  In this regard, you need to be completely confident  in  the product you are using on your baby.  Here at Sotovital Beauty and Health Center,

    we understand the needs you and your baby have. We strive to listen to and solve your problems as well as utilise the safest  all natural ingredients in our products.

    Our Bio Baby range is small because it is selective and consists  only of  products

    that we know are effective and will not harm your baby .


    In simple terms, the immune system of a baby goes through 3 phases:

    0-5 months immunity from Mom´s antibodies

    5-6 months a low point as Mom´s antibodies diminishing and the natural defence of baby´s own system has not yet completed

    6-12 months gradual increase in the defence system reaching a good level at 12months,

    but still not complete.


    Therefore, it is important in the first year especially but also up to 3 years to take extra

    care in choosing a baby product.

    At this moment we have 3 products :

    Bio baby  balm  20gr 12 euro

    Bio baby oil        50ml 18 euro

    Bio baby lotion  50ml 18 euro

    They are all made from natural ingredients, organically produced where possible  and designed to maintain the normal oil/sebum and moisture content of baby´s delicate  skin. The 3 products may be used at different times in the day or at different ages depending on the problem ie

    a)      healing and protecting dry, damaged skin

    b)      enhancing oil level in skin

    c)      maintenance of  moisture/oil/sebum levels in all skin types of babies

    If your baby has an unusual or special problem we are happy to make an individual baby product in conjunction with any medical advice you may have received.

    Simple Words of Advice:


    Resist the urge to bathe your baby frequently. Too-frequent bathing removes the natural oils that protect baby's skin. That leaves baby's skin vulnerable, so it reacts to any potential allergen -- triggering a reaction like eczema.

    With newborn skin care, the adage is “less is more.”

    “ Pediatricians advise that bathing babies too often -- plus too much exposure to chemicals and other potential allergens -- can set the stage for skin allergies later in life.”


    Our Motto :         Be Safe   Be Sure


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