March 21st and 22nd. FREE download days. ORANGES: A Journey - Kindle Reloaded

  • Hello,

    We have TWO free download days this week for ORANGES:A Journey.

    Mainly for you to update the file. Read the post in Rosalie's Chatter which explains. plus some extras which have now been input to Amazon.

    Amazon are processing today (Tuesday) but it will be live again some time tomorrow ready for FREE download on Thursday and Friday this week. 

    The Promotion starts sometime in the early morning Pacific Central Time on Thursday 21st  which is around mid-day in Spain and ends at midnight PCT on Friday -(which by reckoning is Saturday in Europe?)

    Those of you in the Nerja, Las Alpujarras and Marbella end of Andalucia will recognise much of the story.

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    Click for the direct link  

    Best Wishes and Enjoy!