Our First Year in Spain:

  • This month marks our 1 year anniversary 'Living on the Costa Del Sol' and what a wonderful year it has been.

    We have moved from our first townhouse to a lovely 'Villa on a hill' Our lovely convertible car now  has its own brand new Spanish number plates, we have joined groups and made some nice friends, things can only get better! Below is a blog post I wrote 1 year ago, would love anyone to  read and I would appreciate  any feedback:


    Spain 2012:

    I read my horoscope religiously every day, its guidance kept me focussed. One day 27 years ago I had a Damascus road experience!........ I changed books.

     Now every day I read a different popular daily guide. It was 9th January 2012 and my daily reading began ‘Pack up your house and go to a country I will show you’, Genesis 12: 1 Wow!  interesting, my husband WAS due to retire in the July, but we definitely were not planning on leaving the country.

    That same day I had a meeting with my ‘boss’ at work, her first words to me were, “ We will be re-locating to Spain” Wow what an amazing co-incidence; or maybe a ‘God-incidence’!

    Another interesting fact came to mind; I had a ten day holiday already arranged in Spain for May 22nd and further more it was only a fifteen minute drive from the new re-located office; I never imagined when I made those holiday plans that they would turn into a house hunting holiday, Wow............... Plans were obviously in motion for my move to Spain (un-known to me at the time)

     Another wonderful and again amazing co-incidence; I actually found our new home in Spain on our 42nd Wedding anniversary; It was the evening of 23rd May, I was in the ‘Cheers Bar’ having supper with my sister and reading emails when, I opened a Jackie Lawson Anniversary Card from my husband, suddenly loud and clear the wedding march began, everybody stood up and cheered, how appropriate!!

    My husband and I boarded a ferry on 29th July to start our new adventure in Spain!!

    I have been a Christian for 27 years, when I was 27 years old I had a brief affair which resulted in me seeing ‘Jesus Christ in a dream and being told to return home to my husband’  before our departure I was meditating on those facts. the 27th day of the second month is the birthday of our first son  amazingly I discovered the number 27 was an important number in the Bible: It was the day Noah and his family came out of the Ark to begin a ‘new start in life’ You can read the story of Noah and his family in the ‘Bible’ Genesis 8:  Before our departure we insisted our youngest daughter  get herself a passport so she and the grandchildren could visit us; the passport duly arrived and guess what day it started!!.... Yes the 27th of May

    I like St Paul on his Damascus road was also an unlikely candidate for a conversion experience and total life transformation......but God is no respecter of persons, the Bible says he takes the weak and foolish things of the world...... You can follow me on my Blogs :  http://angieskitchen51.wordpress.com         http://kitchenmess.tumblr.com


    So here we are in Spain, and very much looking forward to a wonderful new adventure.

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