How not to play 'I Spy'.

  • This is a transcript of part of our game of ‘I Spy’ played on a long car journey yesterday afternoon. (This was near the end of the game. It had been continuing in a similar pattern for some while before, but I won’t inflict the whole game on you.) Sam – I spy with my little eye something beginning with r. M – Road? Henry – Banana? Car? Football? D – Rocks? Henry – Poo poo man! Sam – No, not r, it starts with w. M – Oh, ok, wheels? Henry – Caca man! D – Wire? M – (whispering and pointing) Henry, what’s that out the window, going round? Henry – Poo poo! Caca! Windmill! Sam – Yes! You got it! Well done Henry. Your turn. Henry – I spy eye caca man! Sam – No Henry, you’re supposed to say a sound. Henry – Wee wee man! Sam – Henry! Say a sound. Henry – Poo poo man! Sam – Henry! M – Ok, I’ll have a turn. I spy with my little eye something beginning with l. Henry – Poo poo man! Sam – Leaves? Henry – Wee wee man! D – Line? Henry – Apple? Underpants? Poo poo? Sam – Lake? Henry – Caca man! Sam – Lady? Henry – (anxiously) Mummy I feel hot. M – Would you like some water? At that point the game came to a sudden stop as Henry proceeded to be repeatedly sick in copious amounts all over himself, his car seat, my leg and the car.