Join the 3 Million Club!

  • Please join 3 million of us who are working to eradicate child mortality due to malnutrition.

    The 3 Million Club is a humanitarian initiative set in motion by people struck by the tragedy of child starvation and the belief that it can be avoided thanks to new approaches and technologies.

    OBJECTIVE: To stop the clock on child mortality due to malnutrition by 2020.

    PLAN: To take the local food bank concept to a global audience by using the infrastructure of existing social enterprises, and by-passing traditional fund-raising intermediaries.

    We aim to energize 3 million people worldwide who, like us, dare to dream of a different world, and are willing to take a simple action to realize this dream. These people will purchase specific food products online from trustworthy food sources, at a marginal cost to them.


    1. Buy $0.50 of food every day until 2020 from one of the recommended sources , and to spread the word about the initiative HERE:

    2. Tell 10 people to join us on Facebook  or send them to

    THANK YOU for your support!

    We are constantly searching for new food sources that meet the above criteria. If you would like to suggest a food source, please contact us: