How about some art for Christmas?

  • As a full time printmaker I am absolutely passionate and quite obsessed with the world of original prints, that is, not massproduced copies, but rather etchings - linocuts - mono prints etc. It is great fun to start collecting original prints and is a fantastic venue to find them. If you and some friends, would like to come to Cascada Studio, my studio, and see a printmaking demonstration and find out more about collecting original prints, then just get in touch:

    The same e-mail can be used to sign up to my news letter to find out more about what happens at

    Cascada Studio.

    You and friends are SO welcome!

    All the best, Mariann


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  • Ania Zegzula
    Ania Zegzula Dear Mariann,
    You have a lovely website and I can feel your passion about art.
    I would love to come to visit you in the studio in November.
    October 22, 2013