BIG CHANGES: Is it - 'Age' / 'The Planets' / 'Kids Leaving Home' - Or All of the Above!

  • Wow, I cannot believe July at all.. How many of you went through things like this or similar?

    First of all the month seemed to drag on forever and ever, at least that's how it seemed to me.  Some of you may know that I had been happily living in Spain for more than a year, when all of sudden my son decided that he wanted to pursue an I.T. Apprenticeship back in the UK.

    So, being a good parent, we upped sticks, leaving the vast majority of my belongings in storage, in Spain.. Yes, I couldn't let go, haha! 

    Well, we arrived back in the grey, cold and miserable north of England right at the beginning of April and started the process.  As I didn't want to restrict the 'where' for my son's foray in to the working world, the universe obliged in the form of a previous house-owner who contacted me (right as we arrived back in the UK), seemingly out of the blue, offering me his home to 'house-sit' as he'd been let down by another sitter.  Ah, thank you universe for supplying a temporary home..  As 'luck' (yeah, right) would have it, my son soon decided that Manchester was the place he wanted to be. (We were just over the way, in Halifax!).  So began the search for the best and most suitable I.T. Apprenticeship we could find.  Well, we achieved it, despite some family members believing that without a stream of GCSE's Josh would not have any chance of getting a job at all. Well, where there's a will there's a way!  Josh is an I.T. geek and knows far more than is normal for someone of his age. lol.. That fact shines through all the time. So much so, that after an interview with our chosen apprenticeship providers, they agreed, that as long as Josh could show that he was able to work at the grade 2 level (that of GCSE's), - they would be able to help him find an apprenticeship. These certificaitons are called Foundation Level 2 certifications and take far less time that trawling through GCSE coursework again. (He had worked through GCSE's online over the last few years, but was badly let down by the company when they refused to continue supporting him. (Time lapse issue.))

    So, imagine... I'm stuck in miserable Halifax, doing nothing for myself but constantly working on finding courses for Josh and sorting life out for him.

    I started the process of looking for temporary work, what else could I do whilst only having a temporary home and temporary location...Nothing doing. Life began to get tough; the funds were reducing faster, now that we were back in expensive UK.  We kept going, and going and going... Time dragged really slowly.  Until, at last we got to the point where Josh was ready to take the exams which would enable the apprenticeship search process to get underway.  Both he and I were confident that he'd pass and yes, he did. 

    Thereafter, I can't believe how relatively fast everything happened. In late June, Josh was invited for an interview, we trudged over to Manchester for it.. It seemed to go well.. Then the following day we heard that he was to be invited for a second interview with the boss, over Skype.  (21st century recruiting, eh!) ;-)

    He got it!!  He was offered the job 1 week before his birthday!  Then, on the 17th of July 2015 he started his first job.. 

    In the meantime, I had to make difficult decisions.. He wanted to live by himself and have his independence. I didn't want to commit to living in Manchester for too long.. What should I do?  A lovely, friendly house-share came up for which, the landlord was happy to offer a room to Josh.  My son has left home!!  Yikes, what should I now do? Who am I now?? What am I now supposed to do? Gosh, a very weird feeling I can tell you. I'm presently writing this from the house-sit place, in Halifax...

    It turns out that Josh is the most tidy person in the house, lol..  Good training   - he also cooks for himself, knows how to use the washing machine, knows how to iron and seems to be the 'go to person' for anyone's problems, LOL...  Having been home-schooled for most of his life, he is so mature, more like a 20+ year old.. Other people seem to think he is, lol.

    I did too good a job then; he doesn't need me now..  How bittersweet is that. 

    So, I'm now feeling 'out of sorts', not sure what to do next.. Applying for jobs but I don't want a job in Manchester.. I don't want a j.o.b. at all! I'm missing Spain.... Can I get back there?  What can I do?  What should I do?

    I've tried many different kinds of income; different ways to make money; courses and more courses, lol. Still not found the right thing. Not been in a happy place just recently...

    Time will tell.. I'll be here until the end of August anyway.  (Funnily enough, I have a ticket I bought ages and ages ago, for Alicante at the end of August... Returning to the UK at the very beginning of October... Will I be able to go?  Will one of the irons I have in the fire, work out beforehand?  Gosh, I thought July was 'out there' LOL..

    I wonder what August will bring???  Watch this space folks! - but for sure, some more big changes are on the way!

    Love and best wishes to you all... Hope we can meet up sometime soon! ;-)