Introducing myself

  • Hi Costa Women

    I fell in love with Marbella 35 years ago and continued to come twice a year.  My husband and I finally made the move to retire here in 2003.  We love living in the centre and so close to the beach.  We love movies, eating out, Spanish way of life, reading and animals.

    Last year we decided to come out of retirement!!!!! As we were always hearing complaints from residents and visitors that they didnt know what was going on here till after the event, also difficult to find information about Marbella and the surrounding areas.  So we looked into this we noticed most of the sites spend a little time covering a little of each area so we decided to concentrate on Marbella as a whole.  So my husband built the site and we launched on 31st January this year.  We have an expert in the UK dealing with our google side so we are already showing on page 2 two which is great news.  At the moment we feel we have to give the site time to establish traffic before we can ask people to pay to advertise so we are offering free for the first 3 months and after that at a very low cost just to cover costs to date.

    We are speaking to the Town Hall in the next month after the site is in Spanish as well which we are doing at the moment and other languages will follow later.  So this is our business and hope you all enjoy the site.  We would appreciate any feed back you can give and if you feel we can be of help to anyone at Costa Women.  Our site is