Do we need a new LOVE Revolution?

  • Davina MacKail, shaman and dream expert believes it's time we woke up to what is really happening in the West and is sounding the clarion call for a new, intelligent LOVE revolution. This is a far cry from the flower power movement "summer of love" from the 60's - she's not advocating free sex and drugs, although she's not necessarily anti that either! She sees love as the antidote to the fear that is running rampant through our daily lives. We're being constantly bombarded with fear mongering from the media and we've become almost paralysed in our attempts to combat it with any kind of practical solution. Consequently we become sicker and poorer as the Earth becomes more out of balance through this false evidence appearing real. We need to understand LOVE and use it to combat this tidal wave of fear. 

    Join us on Untangled FM Monday 5th August at 7PM BST for the start of the LOVE Revolution and discover how you too can become a Love Revolutionary.

    We would also welcome your questions, which can be posted online while you listen to the show live!  


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  • Kas Wells
    Kas Wells There is almost certainly something in the air...we need to change...
    August 12, 2013