Have You Been Saying No To Help?

  • Many of us have been taught that there is something more admirable about going it alone. Often we have been taught to say no to help and feel bad if we say yes.... This comes from an old thinking. In the past, sometimes people really were alone. They really did have to do it by themselves. No wonder this programming has been passed down through the generations!

    But time certainly has changed! You know yourself how different life must be now compared to even 50 years ago, let along 100! These days we have such a greater chance for connection and community, there is no longer any reason to go it alone. What's more, we are all in a greater position to give to each other, to help and to share what we know.

    Yet so many of us refuse to acknowledge that letting help in is a good idea. Maybe a small part of you even sees it as a weakness? It can be a great way to prove ourselves to..... ourselves. As there really is no one else that can truly judge you but yourself.

    In the past, I remember how I prided myself on going through all of my early transformations alone. Part of me is still proud of that, to be honest. But it took years! I didn't have community with the same self-growth needs I have always had. Changes and joyful transformations many of my clients go through in just months now, took me years of working it out by myself. Because I never let in help. I didn't know it was there... I felt alone and believed there was a strength to that. There is... But there is a greater strength in being vulnerable and letting people in. This habit many of us have or have had, only makes life harder. It deprives you from sharing your light with people who will love and care for you. It also deprives them from sharing their light with you.

    Do you think you might sometimes suffer from Lone Wolf Syndrome? Many strong women like us who run our own business have had to do a lot on our own. But there comes a time and a place when the strongest thing you can do is to ask for help and to let it in. So I invite you to look at your life right now. I am sure you will see many wonderful ways you have been holding it together and making progress... But is there any way you have been holding back? Is there anyone that has been offering to help, that could really help, that you have been refusing? Maybe because you didn't want to burden them? 

    The first thing to realize right here, is that people love to give and share. It is a GIFT to be able to share with someone else. Can you remember a time, when you gave to someone and it brightened your day? Maybe you had a lightness in a step and a smile on your face for hours onward?

    If this resonates and there is someone that has been wanting to connect with you, to help you, whether it is business wise, friendship or emotional support, I encourage you to call them, thank them for their offer and gratefully accept their help. Not only will you feel supported, but they will feel appreciated and respected. This is how you build community. Give and take, pay it forward, be open to receive. Let good people into your life. By allowing them to give to you, you will be helping them to shine their light and to feel about good about themselves. So in the end, it might be YOU who is really giving the gift by receiving.

    How can you be open to receiving more in your life? I would love to hear in the comments, so please feel free to share!