Why Hire a Virtual Administrative Assistant?

  • Trying to find ways to improve your business is challenging, thought provoking, and time consuming. 
    Taking the appropriate steps to do this is difficult, not knowing where to start and while you are writing a checklist to guide you, you are not doing what you should be like ‘Running your businesses!

    With a Virtual Assistant or (VA):

    You can have the time to focus on the more important aspects and issues of your business.
    Using a VA frees up your valuable time to focus on growing and improving your business, skills, knowledge, and relationships. You no longer need to spend valuable time on tasks you don't have time for or simply just don't like doing.

    · You have a partner to share or "bounce" ideas off of.

    · You're finally able to run your business instead of it running you.

    · You have the flexibility to assume new challenging opportunities.

    You don't need to provide a physical workspace.
    Virtual Assistants work from their own office or other remote location. This eliminates the need for more office space. By using a VA you'll lower your cost for fixed expenses such as utilities

    No need to provide costly equipment for your VA to use.
    By hiring a VA not only will you eliminate the need for more office space but also everything that is associated with it such as cubicles, office furniture, computers, fax, etc. VAs work from their own office space and use their own equipment.

    No Payroll, Benefits, Taxes
    Since VAs are independent contractors and not employees you don't have to pay any taxes, health and/or life insurance benefits, 401K or other retirement plans, social security, no paid holidays, worker's compensation, no paid vacations, and no sick leave. You also don't have to pay any overtime and/or time in a half.

    Minimal to no training.
    VAs offer services in their area of expertise. Because of this they may need minimal training or eliminate the need for training costs altogether. Hiring a VA also eliminates the need to hire recruiters.

    Work on an as needed basis
    VAs can handle seasonal or periodic projects. For example, if your employees are boggled down with a new project, partnering with a VA frees up your on-site staff to focus on their preferred work. You only pay for the time spent on tasks or by project.

    Access to administrative professionals.
    You have the peace of mind knowing that the details are being handled by a professional and skilled assistant.

    These are just a few reasons to hire a VA and the benefits of using one. Now it's time to put Virtual Assistant Spain to work for you. Let us be your Virtual Business Assistant and take on those consuming or less important tasks so you can get back to the more important things like the marketing and growth of your business.

    More information to help you decide if a VA is right for you can be found at:

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