Why I quit my £150k a year job to live in Spain

  • Well hello fellow travelers and would-be travelers. My name is Lesley and I will be your tour guide today! 

    Ha ha.. I’m not really a tour guide.   But I am a travel agent selling holidays to lovely peeps in the UK and British expats in Spain. Well, I would be except it’s not going too well at the moment which is probably why I have found some time to write my blog! 

    People always say that it takes a year to start up a new business and breakeven.  Well, I’m running out of time as I’ve been doing it now for 10 months.   But I am determined to keep going because I love travel, I love finding amazing holidays and trips for people and if I wasn’t doing this I would just sit on the beach all day and drink wine.  And we don’t want that do we? Do We?? 

    So you are probably asking yourself how I got here.  Well, even if you’re not this is my story.  I worked in banking for a LONGGGG time.  I didn’t mind my job in change management but I hated all of the politics, fixing the same problems over and over, and I really wanted to do something that I felt more passionate about.  

    Living in Edinburgh I also found it hard to deal with the weather.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved my city. But honest to God, 42 days of rain without a break is hard to take! So one dreary, grey February morning I decided that I had to change my life.  I had also been single for a few years, apart from the odd date here and there.  And when I say odd, yes, that’s what I mean, odd! There were some right crackers…   

    I really felt that if I didn’t change some aspects of my life I was going to end up in exactly the same place a year later.  I think it was Albert Einstein that said the definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.  Well, I had been stupid long enough.  It was time for a change! 

    I pondered what to do for a few weeks and eventually decided to use some of the coaching techniques I use with clients on myself.  I do a bit of career and personal coaching in my spare time and I had seen the impact that it could have. 

    And, as is normal for coaching, the outcome actually surprised me.  It wasn’t really my job that was the heart of the problem, it was my location. I wanted to live in the sun and be near the beach.  

    Which set off a whole new train of pondering..

    So why Spain?  I will tell you tomorrow…

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  • Gloria Lauris
    Gloria Lauris What sort of tours do you offer folks in Spain? Do you do any retirement haven type tours as are becoming popular now? I haven't found any yet for Spain and would love for a guided tour of areas popular with expats! Please advise!
    Thanks and good luck!
    May 2, 2016
  • Lesley Elder
    Lesley Elder Hi Gloria, thanks for getting in touch. 
    I don't really do coach tours in Spain, there are some local companies that do that I think.  I have some train and self-drive tours for exploring Andalucia, Seville, etc.
    I'm not eally sure what a retirement haven...  more
    May 2, 2016
  • Gloria Lauris
    Gloria Lauris Hi Lesley
    OK, thanks for letting me know. The retirement haven tours I know about currently are for Portugal (e.g. panamarelocationtours.com) , Belize (belizeparadise.com) and Ecuador (ecuadorexpatjourneys.com) and I was hoping something similar would eme...  more
    May 2, 2016