The Power of Be~ing In Communication

  • Communication has the power to build relationships, create inspiring futures, bring people together in alignment to that future, inspire others into action, make requests, deliver promises, build deep connection of authenticity with another, create breakthroughs in projects, build trust where it has been broken, give guidance to another and promote the healing of our bodies, minds and quality of life.

    This remarkable human ability is absolutely a miracle of Be~ing human. No other animal on this planet can do this, beyond basic instincts for survival.

    Communication enables us to dance with the very Mother of Life herSelf… a truly awesome ability that is available to us. Yet, for many humans, communication is used to cause difficulties with others, withholds in relationship, cause wars, greed, power trips and split families, communities and even nations. Communication as practiced by human kind is not so very kind… for the most part. The result is a huge increase in human suffering, struggle and the ultimate despair of our very soul.

    The evidence is clear all over the place… allowing us to bring ourselves to the brink of disaster and possibly ending this experiment called human kind itself. Remarkable, eh?

    And yet, communication has one, almost unbelievable secret up Her sleeve…Her ability through our individual and collective consciousness, to inquire into the very Be~ing of human being… a unique and deeply profound capacity to heal the past and release it and to create a new domain of experience for each of us.

    This aspect of communication enables us to examine the very radical possibility of a new Be~ing in human being… we call this transformation. Can we dare to become aware that we are unaware of who we are and can Be? This, as an inquiry, not seeking for simplistic answers, but an opening for insights that have the capacity to reveal ourselves to ourselves as incredible miracle makers, One with the Natural Universe.

    We then enter a new realm of experience which is natural for us. We leave ego behind and reach for the stars… we discover our inner world of knowing with a new found ability to create ourSelves beyond imagination. This is not logical, rational or based on anything we have learnt. It is not in our private his/her story, our families, education or ego-mind.

    It is a new possibility of Be~ing for human being. Wow!

    The butterfly does not revert to a caterpillar. This, as a possibility, has new, almost unbelievable knowledge, wisdom and attitudes that have outstripped our small, constrictive egos… it heralds a new dawn for humanity… which includes each of us, if we are willing to travel into the unknown, take risks and generate creative conversations with ourselves and others in building a dynamic dream of Life here on Earth.

    For this to happen requires each of us to face our demons of the mind, generate radical forgiveness and accept our true nature as Spirit manifesting on the Earth plane for a brief period.

    That’s our project and purpose here. All this from gaining mastery of communication. Truly awesome. A miracle of Life. A gift we have inherited from our ancestors.

    Can we dare to be open to using this gift wisely? The alternative is almost unthinkable…

    Let’s walk with angels and dance with Life, shall we? What else is there better to learn, be, do and have in our precious lives?

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