Fotos rool, KO?

  • The positive rapid responses people posted after seeing my 'This is what we're here for' photo is final proof – if needed – images have taken over the web. Text is dead!


    Not a good time to be camera-shy, there's slim chance you're not snapping and adding to the growing cyberspace art gallery.


    Back here on Earth, it's definitely a good time to be on the Costa del Sol. Fuengirola Ayuntamiento's 'Sun City 2014' Photo Competition highlights the numerous attractions available. There's a €1,200 prize so why not take part?


    Retitled 'Sun-Day Worship', my 'This is what...' photo is a hot entry (I hope, eyes not on the prize!).


    Deadline: 10/9/14


    Impulsan el certamen de fotografía 'Fuengirola Un Sol de Ciudad 2014´, iVecinos,


    For more unique Costa images, visit Solview360©  


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  • Angela Seager
    Angela Seager Hi Chris!
    I just happened to stumble upon this here blog of yours and wondered why I'm not picking up your feeds. Where is your 'this is what we're here for'...can't find it anywhere and l'd like to read it!
    Hope all is well with you and whenever you're...  more
    August 2, 2014