Local Fire and Weather Watch site on Facebook- we need you!!!

  • Hi everyone!
    After the horrendous fire of last year I have created a group to provide a central page for postings concerning any outbreaks of fire and, particularly in the winter, adverse weather/floods etc. Whilst last year's fire was raging, I found I had to keep a lot of tabs open, on various Facebook pages, in order to try and glean information. It became confusing and unco-ordinated. Important information was being missed and posts were fragmented. One piece of information on this site and one on another etc etc. Once everything calmed down it occurred to me that we all needed a central point where facts can be posted and as many people kept abreast of things as possible. Hence the birth of the Local Fire and Weather Watch site on Facebook. We have 1338 members and need more! The page aims to provide information for you and your neighbours/friends. You can post information local to you! We try and post only factual info. Anywhere on the coast or inland areas. You can post any info you may think relevant to fire and weather but I don't allow any other subjects or any advertising. Any posts deemed to be offensive etc will be deleted. It's all about trying to keep us safe from fire and adverse weather. The link is https://www.facebook.com/groups/182595055209114