Losing Marbles in Marbella

  • It was precarious and a bit dangerous but I like it that way. My left leg was stretched  out and the ball of my foot was holding on tight to the edge. My right knee too close to the edge, I grasped with my left hand and continued up, it was the coming down that was the was the worry! Still I took my time and finished the climb. Now for the descent. Looking back I should have done this with my husband but I was there and I just got on with it, later he would repeat his comments from yesterday that I was clumsy. Anyway I moved my left hand grabbed the first thing I could feel which moved beneath me and down, down I went, missing the step and battering my head on the marble. I lay there gathering my thoughts and limbs wondering why hadn't I used  a harness or ropes but it seemed a bit much for  washing the windows!