56th blog

  • I have been writing a blog on wordpress since the 26th of September this year to celebrate if you like my 56th year on the planet! So I am going to share it here too on Costa women as I am living in Spein now. Hope you enjoy. Catch me on wordpress under 56th Blog  Lesley Enfield 

    October 16, 2017

    56th Blog

    Day 21.

    This is Culla Bay in Benbecula in the Outer Hebrides. I have a wee hoose there and I have a love hate relationship with the place. It gets under your skin, up your nose and definitely in your soul. I first visited the islands when I was 7, remember the dog running about with the sheep’s head in it’s mouth ? And I went to live there when I was 12. To start with I wasn’t keen to be there but I quickly got used to it as all teenagers do. Life was very different. So now, instead of living in concrete city we lived on a croft, a small farm. Cows, sheep, chickens and peat cutting on Saturday’s. It wasn’t like I could go to the shops instead and meet my pals, cause there weren’t any ! No joined up shops here you know.

    I used to get wakened up on a Saturday morning and I would groan at my mother saying, “get up we’re going to the peats; doing the sheep; moving the cows (I mean could the cows not move themselves?). This was my new reality. As I was the youngest I had to do all the running after the sheep as sometimes the dog just didn’t get it. I ran miles sometimes round the back of the sheep who by the way are the stupidest animals in the world. I did win a cross country championship the first year I lived there, and no wonder ….. I used to train with the sheep!

    I also used to have to help with the sunday roast……. not cooking it…..yes, slaughtering it! (all veggie’s look away now, I will try not to be too gory) That was quite an experience let me tell you as I held the poor sheeps legs and in silence my stepfather would skin it. Now if you can forget what he was actually doing it was really an amazing thing to watch. The meat when cooked, was really gorgeous though it took my mother a while to work with the old peat fired Raeburn cooker (like an aga but older). I do also remember feeding her “fruit loaf” to the cows as we wouldn’t eat it, she had a lot to learn that woman. It wa sa massive change for us all let me tell you.

    Anyway I’m going to do a wee Hebridean week this week . Cherrio for noo.September 2017 143