56th blog Day 22

  • Day 22.

    This is the barn. In here all manner of things took place from storing hay, bikes and lawnmowers to cows, sheep and puppies in barrells. It seems now like a conservatory to the main house where my step father spent the rest of his days really. Well, who can blame the man…… he married my mother; 14 years younger and gained an 18 year old, my sister and me the 12 year old. What a guy! No wonder he loved crofting! I guess it was always going to win over spending time with 3 women in his house! He was a man of few words and was a crofter all his life and was renowned for being really good at it, he often brought home the trophy from the cattle sales for best calf. This marriage malarkey however would be a bigger job!

    When we first arrived things used to shock us mainlanders. One day my mother went with my step father to look at a ram, little did she know that he had bought the ram and she had to sit in the back seat of the car holding it’s horns ! (and in the new mustard Marina !!!) The dog, Spot (this was the third dog he had that was called Spot, I mean who does that ?) took great umbrage to us living in the house and growled at us if we got near, this was a one man dog alright. Then we got Misty, he was my dog. I used to put clothes on him and christen him, as you do! Donald, my step father was furious as he turned into a really rubbish sheep dog but a great pet. That was when I had to do all the running after the sheep because Misty was rubbish, he usually chased rabbits instead.

    In the barn there were two tractors; the old one and the new one. Was there a difference? Both looked really old to me but apparently one was the new old one. There was a crofter who every day came to a field near our house to check his cows. I noticed that he always stood up while driving the tractor, I thought it was because he was having a good look for the cows. The real reason was because he didn’t have a seat on his tractor!

    I came home from school one day and my mother said, “look in the bottom drawer of the Raeburn”, I opened it thinking it was another moon cake, as my mother called them(sunk in the middle) but there was a tiny wee lamb sleeping in the warming drawer, how cute, we’re not in Kansas anymore are we Toto?!

    I think I might have to do a Hebridean month!
    September 2017 232