56th blog

  • October 19, 2017

    56th Blog


    Day 24

    As this is Hebridean week on my blog (the first of many as I seem to have so much to tell you all) this picture shows you the big sky. The land up there is very flat with no trees so the sky seems massive. It is a magical place for about 13 days of the year and the rest of the time it is a hard place to live. You get used to the constant wind and decide you actually like a haystack style hair do, as no matter how you blow dry your hair prior to leaving the house, the wind has another story to tell! The other thing the wind does is buckle everyone’s car doors. There have been times when I actually couldn’t get out the car and had to blow the horn for my husband to come out and hold the door while I got out the car. My mother once sat in her car till someone came by to help her in the house as the wind was so fierce. I always laugh when the weatherman says there’s a storm coming with 70/80 mile an hour winds……. that’s almost a normal day in the Hebrides! One day my husband was walking the dog and as the dog coccked his leg to pee he got blown over! Confuseddog.com!

    Yesterday I told you about getting the peat into the house, well it is nothing compared  to trying to hang washing out. So, a good day is when it is only slightly raining, my mother says it softens the clothes! Armed with wash basket, storm pegs (yes there is such a thing) and winter coat on, my attempt at hanging a sheet on the line falls short of strangulation by washing line! If you do get it on the line it wraps itself round so much that it doesn’t even dry; many a good flannelette sheet ruined at the corners by this. Ah, and then there’s the case of the “missing washing”! Disappeared; gone, nowhere to be seen, oh wait a minute, there it is on the neighbour’s barbed wire fence shredded to pieces! I think a better plan would be to hang it there in the first place then the wind would blow it back to my house.

    I just have to say though, that on a “good” day with no wind, no rain it is a very beautiful place and it can be breathtaking, “hinging oot yer washin”.