moving to Malaga in 2017

  • Hello all

    I have just joined this site and hope to make friends before we move next year with whom I can meet up once settled in Malaga, Spain.I am a single parent of 2 teens and this is a fresh start for us all. I would love to hear from other members who can share their experiences,particularly on how and where to find rental properties,jobs etc.Any input would be greatly appreciated.Thank you


  • Ali Meehan
    Ali Meehan Hello Tracy - Thanks for your message. I will see if I can increase the length of the posts in the comments and let you know. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Hello Sabine - you might also like to post in our Costa Women Malaga group and ask for advice ther...  more
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  • Tracy Dempsey
    Tracy Dempsey Thanks Ali! Simona, I'd posted a long post about broadband, job-seeking and language learning resources etc., will try and get time tomorrow to re-write!
    August 12, 2016
  • Tracy Dempsey
    Tracy Dempsey ...Basically, consider Airbnb for a month while you suss out area. Many have wifi installed for holiday renters so that's one less hassle - when you find somewhere you like, consider Vodafone's or ONO's (fibre offering by Vodafone) 'sin permanencia' contr...  more
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  • Tracy Dempsey
    Tracy Dempsey Job-wise, I'm a career coach and big believer in online networking - found partner a job in a day with 1 Facebook post! (He had the necessary skills of course, but basically he was able to get the job offer whilst we were still in Finland, and start less ...  more
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