Let's Be Encouraged!

  • Today I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the La Cala women's meeting at El Gusto. What a marvelous group of fabulous women we are!

    Something struck me... both a positive and a need for help in most of us... is the openness with which we shared and the doubts and fears we carry.

    As the rain pelts down today, I wanted to inspire others to think about the rain, which washes all the dust and dirt away.

    As we allow ourselves to hope, to help one another and to heal from the self doubt that rises up in each of us, every once in a while, let's be encouraged. 

    We are a marvelous workmanship of women. 

    The best friend - and the worst enemy - I can have is myself. 

    Time to love, trust, encourage and hope in myself.

    Looking forward to a month of hope and healing from self doubt, and offering the same to others. 

    Happy March: may we all take a few more steps and become closer to our destinies.

    Cheerio for now. 

    Sarah (Author, Singer, and coaching so others can achieve their goals in these streams)