Smart FM Radio Station in the Marbella Area

  • If you want your business to grab the attention of millions of consumers, consider this: radio is one of the hottest mediums available. Much more than that, it is extremely cost effective and will deliver great returns on your investment.


    In the Spain, for example, about 95 percent of people listen to the radio on a weekly basis. People wake up to the radio in the morning, listen to the radio on the way to and from work and hear it while at the workplace.

    Perhaps the biggest benefit of using radio advertising is the effectiveness of ads on listeners. Radio is perceived as the most intimate of advertising mediums, because people are so often alone when listening to the radio, such as when driving to and from work.  89.7 FM or listen live at


    Looking to promote your Business?   Why not try SmartFM 30 second Adverts


    4 spots per day for 4 weeks

    112 spots per 4 weeks

    Rate Card 250€


    Working out at 45c per day


    For further info Contact Cristina on 634 398 357 or email