So How Does Work For You?

  • How it Works:

    1. We visit you and decide on the offer that suits you and is attractive to our Cooldeals members.

    2. We prepare the artwork and write the copy for the email and agree how many offers you want to sell.

    3. We send your offer to the 1,000’s of Cooldeals members.

    4. We promote the offer on radio, newspapers, and magazines as well as a targeted social media ad campaign including Facebook and coverage on local community websites. The value of the campaign is significant – but there is no charge for it.

    5. Cooldeals members then buy your offer and the deal goes ahead when the number of offers that you wish has been achieved

    6. It’s completely risk free – if the deal does not attract the minimum number of buyers you don’t pay a penny but you still benefit from all the above marketing and promotion at no cost to you.

    7. Cooldeals is an online group deal only, s

    o you are not discounting your prices for individuals or passing trade. This makes us unique and really protects the way you price your products or services whilst delivering extra customers who will come back time and time again.

    8. We only charge a small commission on the amount of Cooldeals our members have purchased- there are no other charges or hidden costs.

    It is that easy to get a guaranteed response to your advertising with no risk and no up front payments so promote your business on Cooldeals – simply call 615 029 195 or email us at


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