Swissnahrin Artichoke drink, your liver savior

  • As summer kicks in and we enjoy long days and the extra drink or two let's not forget to look after our liver to prevent oxidant, weight gain, bad circulation and slow metabolism.

    Swissnahrin Artichoke drink is refreshing, delicious and so easy to take.


    One shot after meals and a larger one in the morning if you have had a drink too many.

    What does it do for you?

    It actually breaks down all your liver toxins while you sleep,

    if you have indulged in the extra flute of Cava or had a deliciously delicious and rich meal why not get this purifying drink to cleanse you while you sleep? MAGICAL!

    As a result you will wake up as fresh as a rose, it also helps you with your weight loss, improves your circulation, helps fighting cellulite, boosts your metabolism and helps you in getting rid of your water retention.

    All that in one Drink?  Yes dear, and on top of it it is delicious!!!

    It also comes in tablets form for all of you that lunch and dine out often, perfect hand bag size!!!

    So what are you waiting for?

    Please call Fulvia on 677785403 for more info.

    Not suitable for diabetics.


    700ml bottle 30€ 

    50 tablets 23€