Aloe Vera

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    My favourite supplement and make up company is Forever Living Products.

    When I was in the UK I was working with it and Avon at the same time as some of my clients could not use te Avon products, slowly I was introducing my FLP to my customers. 


    The customers where really happy with the products, because they are so good and are of excellent value for the money my clients were growing.


    There was on client I had who worked at the Mental Unit in Nuneaton - she had a really horrible problem with her hands and although her dr had given her good medication it did not seem to be working for her.  I gave her a tube of the propolis cream to use and with in a week or so the hands were looking a lot better.


    If you would like to learn more about how propolis and other supplements from forever living can help you then give me a call  952897862


    During the early stages of my menopause I discovered Maca from Forever Living Products, it really helped me.  I highly recommend you try it - like with all things the effects are very real but it is generally it talkes a short while before you notice the difference.  For me I noticed and was pleased I was using them.


    I did try other lines of Maca from other sources but the effect I had from the Forever Living products was much better, no mood swings, no flushes, no irritability.  I felt more than normal, no depression either.  Also I felt I had plenty of energy.  One of the benefits of using Maca I found it raised my stamina levels, also it was beneficial for my relationship with my husband.


    Anyway, that is my experience I have had with the products.  I highly recommend them.


    I know that there are others out there selling the products too, it is because they are excellent and worth it.


    Have a great evening.