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  • Location: La Cala de Mijas, Spain - Get Directions
  • Formatted Address: Huntley Properties Spain, 34 Jardin Botanico, 29649 Mijas Costa, Malaga
  • Street Address: Huntley Properties Spain, 34 Jardin Botanico, 29649 .
  • City: M├ílaga
  • Zipcode: 29649
  • State: Andalusia
  • Country: Spain
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Segurient Insurance

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Segurient Insurance's Overview

Segurient Insurance is an insurance agent, specialising in helping foreigners living in Spain to source insurance to protect you, your family, your life and your business.  Most of your policies will be in English, taking the guesswork out of what is covered by your policy.

We work one to one with you, whether you buy a single policy or you choose to buy all of your insurance requirements with Segurient.

We value each client and appreciate you do have a choice.  Infact, should you buy more than one policy with Segurient, we will show our appreciating and give you a discount on your subsequent policies.

We ensure that you have the right level insurance for your needs, not to match the needs of our sales targets.

You neither want to be under-insured or over-insured.

In the unfortunate and unlikely event that you do need to make a claim, this is when you want the confidence to explain what has happened in your language.  Hence, we choose our  partners very carefully and only choose the best insurance companies.  We choose companies that offer you value for money, without compromising on the standard of your policies.  We don’t want to create any further stress than you may incur, should you need to make a claim.

We are a valuable source of knowledge here in Spain having run businesses, lived as expatriates and visited as tourists.  Therefore, whether you are retired, run a business and or have children at school,  we understand things are different and you may need some guidance to ensure you don’t make expensive mistakes as an expatriate.

Life in Spain can appear complex in the early years when you move to a different country and we appreciate it is a considered step.  Let us help you to find the right professionals, so you can make informed choices, preventing expensive mistakes, allowing you to enjoy time with your family and friends, after all, this is one of the many reasons you moved to Spain.

We are here not just to provide you with great insurance policies to protect you and your world, you can also use us a knowledge point.  We have quality contacts in Spain that can help you should you have a problem.

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Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pg/segurient/
Twitter - http://twitter.com/Segurient


Basic Information

Basic Information

  • Posted: Sep 18, 2017
  • Last Updated: Sep 18, 2017
  • Views: 90
  • Category: Insurance
  • Tags: #Health #Insurance #vehicles #pets #contents #life #dental
  • Location: La Cala de Mijas, Spain  - Get Directions
  • Description: Professional insurance for expatriates living in Spain.
    Great policies, written in your own language.
    One to one support. We are available everyday, so here for you when you need us most.
    We can insure vehicles, home buildings and contents, communities, pets, travel, life, health, dental and more....  more

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  • Specialties: vehicles, ­home build­ings and c­ontents, c­ommunities­, pets, tr­avel, life­, health, ­dental



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