It may seem like the world has gone crazy, but actually the world is going through a huge reconstruction. Everything that isn’t in alignment with freedom, abundance, harmony and unity is collapsing to make room for a new world of dreams come true to be brought in by you and me!


It is a time for consciousness, for Humanity to evolve! For as many, to finally sense our enslavement, the punishment and rewards of slaves serving the few AND realise our true Sovereignty and Power of Love.


Upon awakening or realising this truth of how we have been hijacked for eons of time, makes one gasp, the heart misses a beat and we wonder what to do?


We are used to standing up and fighting to protect and change a situation, but have the wars and arguments solved our conflicts with each other? Surely we have all learned through our long Human experience that we are different, unique and no one is better than another! In fact when we come together with all our unique talents we can cooperate, govern and create together!


Haven’t we experienced enough to sense that everyone is special and has an essential place in our magnificent world!

What we really need to do is step back from the busyness and conflict of life as it is, and spend quiet time with self, getting to know all of self; body, mind & spirit, forging a new relationship with self AND become our own saviour that will know in each moment what next step to make, changing ourself and our life in quite magical ways.




This Awakening journey we choose, is not an easy one, it’s quite a rude awakening as life changes in quite drastic ways… old jobs, hobbies, home & relationships can fall away, creating space for new jobs, passion, home & relationships to come in and serve our new self and new life. The life many of us were all born to fulfil this lifetime, to live as the Sovereign Master and Creator we truly are, in all freedom, abundance and joy!

It helps to understand what is naturally happening now in the world and within ourself. It makes this journey easier, in fact it is exciting to be part of something great and never experienced before on Earth. Embodied Ascension or Enlightenment. AND that is why my Divine friends and I wrote about our own true Awakening and Ascension experiences. We wanted to not only record our own transformational time for ourselves, to remember our most magical moments, but to inspire and support you as you choose to journey through your own Awakening and Ascension.

We created a series of 3 e-books, containing our individual stories, for you to enjoy reading at your leisure. You’ll know this post is for you when you feel an inner stir of excitement and are encouraged to want to know more about your Awakening now.

It is time for you to be brave and trust yourself to journey further… daring yourself to step out of the matrix or game, and join us being the change, creating a new YOU and new LIFE… a life of joyful celebration and community.


Today IAM publishing Laurie’s Awakening story for you to enjoy reading. You’ll also find below 3 free e-books to download and be inspired by our true stories of Awakening. Yes we did it, and so can you.



Laurie’s Awakening Experience…


And so I made a vow
to become my own healer
whatever that meant –
to fix the brokenness
for once and for all,
to risk finding myself

broken beyond repair,
to enter the unknown,
to go all the way
to my very core,
to risk it all
with no guarantee,
to somehow understand

the world around me just a little,
to prove it was possible,

to reach out
one more last time,
to let go completely,

and to find my way back here,
to my heart.


It has been a long journey. I have had to learn to confront every part of me. I have walked through dark places and wondered how I would ever find my way. There were times when I gathered every last bit of strength just to reach out one last time. Each time, I was met with a hand. Each time, I felt the presence of another brave soul who was making the journey back with me. It was this presence that saved me, that I held on to and reached for.


It is so strange to look back now…at the struggle…the years that I bravely walked through, the loneliness and abuse as a child, the eating disorder voice that both saved my life and almost killed me, over 20 years of therapy and hospitals and doctors and every other kind of thing I could find to try and somehow fix what appeared to be an incurable condition.


Many gave up on me. Some never did. I never did. I was turned away by therapists, alternative therapists, and friends because they just didn’t know how to help me.


About 3 years ago, at 38, I returned to my most recent therapist, with a toddler, scared to death because I was starting to relapse, and I was determined not to leave her to be hospitalized again. I had to find another way. I was turned away. It was frightening.


I knew my only hope was to become my own healer, to risk everything, to let go completely, to finally heal myself for once and for all. This time, when I reached out, I found even more hands to hold, and I found my own soul.


I searched out the strongest, calmest healers I could find. I tried to absorb as much as I could. I was met with an incredible, unconditional love…


For the next 2 years, I worked to gather and heal parts of myself, with the help of some strong women who had also done this. I’m not sure how I was able to do this with a toddler, as I didn’t have time, money, or family support ( I didn’t speak to my parents during this time.) I did have the support of my husband, to whom I am eternally grateful. The truth is there were many piled up dishes and many late nights when I sat up with all of the parts of my Self, as I would have done had my daughter needed comforting.


It truly has been a beautiful process, even with the pain. I am completely free from the eating disorder I struggled with for so long, and I feel closer to my wholeness than I ever thought possible. The strong love I felt from healers, I now feel inside. I have reunited with my parents, and we are healing. As I continue to integrate all of this, I am honored to reach out and share something so sacred… the journey back to my heart.


You can read more about Laurie’s journey on her website



Affects and Changes of the Awakening Earth and Humanity


The Earth and Humankind are all part of a Natural Shift of Consciousness that is occurring now. Our solar system finds itself surrounded by a higher expansional energy; a new energy that we have called forth in our declaration for no more fear, greed and power-mongering. 


It is an energy that resonates with LOVE. Love that Humans have learned to FEEL here on Earth. A love that creates DivineHumanBeings, allowing them to live in a peaceful and harmonious surrounding on Earth. 


This new energy, of intense light actually affects the magnetic make-up of our whole solar system. Creating intense magnetic storms on our sun, where strong solar flares reach the Earths orbit and interfere with the magnetics within the Earth and the Human Being.


The Human body contains millions of tiny magnetic particles that interconnect through Human antennas to the Earth’s magnetic field, enabling the Human to receive and transmit consciousness which influence the physical body and all its internal systems.


The interference of the magnetic field is causing a cleansing effect on Earth, physical shifting and shaking the earth and her inhabitants, creating unusual weather patterns and within the Human Being; cleansing people from all their fears and yesterdays. It is actually the most beautiful gift that we can receive. 

Intense light to naturally awaken our consciousness, changing our DNA and crystalising our molecules. Our inner light, our being is being ignited anew, clearing our body of past debris, burning away everything that no longer serves us, leaving nothing but pure love and passion within each Human Being and the Earth.


During this Shift in Consciousness… our Awakening is affecting our mental, emotional and physical bodies, pulling us all ways and putting us through some uncomfortable and painful times. Not only are we integrating and releasing all our own past life patterns and karma that no longer serves us, but that of all our ancestors that have lived before us. 


Our Body Consciousness; Body, Mind, Spirit and Aspects is naturally finding a new balance of Sovereign ONENESS.


It is most important neither to fight nor to give in, but to trust that everything is all so perfect. This is our journey that we have chosen to live now so let’s enjoy the ride and allow our Embodied Ascension to happen quite naturally.


Awakening Symptoms


Physical… Aches and pains in the joints, especially neck, shoulders and back, heat sensations beyond the menopause, feeling hot and cold, feeling dizzy and shaky, vertigo, ringing in the ears, nauseous, extreme itchy skin, red patchy & lumpy skin, exhaustion and feeling tired, waking up a lot, headaches and migraine, stomach aches and indigestion, no appetite, extremes of diarrhoea and constipation, eating a lot, heart palpitations, irregular heartbeat 


Emotional… Crying, deep sadness, confused, nervousness, passionless, anger, extreme fear 


Mental… Anxious, intense dreaming, loneliness, not thinking straight, foggy, not remembering, losing words, depressed 


Barbara’s suggestions for more comfort


Consciously breathing in the new energy, especially in painful areas and fearful feelings for at least 10 mins. at a time, healthy daily eating of protein, good fats, lots of fruit and veg (fibre), drink plenty of fresh water (with pinch seasalt/bicarb of soda once a week), moderate use of caffeine, coffee, tea and alcohol, positive and loving self talk, soaking the body in Epsom salts and lavender oil, walking in nature or some form of gentle exercise you enjoy 20 mins a day, sleep a lot… napping through the day if possible, trust yourself… even when doubt tries to creep into your mind.


You can read more Awakening stories by downloading the following FREE 3 part series of True Awakening Experiences


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