FREE Menopause Retreat Day for 2 Women

  • Meet Dee Gardner, founder and CEO of Europe's leading Menopause Retreat company, Fountain Retreats, who are launching in Malaga on September 4th at the luxurious 'Palms' resort. Dee has created a retreat programme to educate and empower women going through perimenopause and menopause. In our interview, we talk about mood swings, weight gain, brain fog, mental health and Dee provides a wealth of wisdom about the way forward.

    And we have a very special competition running for Costa Women until 20th August.  Dee has donated, exclusively to Costa Women, a number of FREE places for lucky Prize Winners AND their friends to attend the 1-Day Retreat and the chance to meet Dee and the team.

    To enter, please email and let her know why you and/or your friend are in need of attending a dedicated Retreat for Perimenopausal and Menopausal women.
    There are an amazing 10 Prizes up for grabs. Costa Women's own Ali Meehan will be there on September 4th and she is looking forward to spending the day with the 20 lucky prize winners!  
    The Retreat Day
    The day starts with drinks on arrival at registration between 0930 - 0950 with drinks on arrival.
    There will then be a Yoga class for those wishing to participate.
    Following a break, we will enjoy a 90 minute interactive session with a fully qualified Nutritionist.
    A healthy and delicious lunch will then follow.
    The first session in the afternoon is 90 minutes with the company's Director of Nursing (Menopause-Trained), and she will deal with all aspects of how the body is affected by Menopause and she will also answer any questions you have and, in addition to explaining how you can reduce or even eliminate the symptoms of menopause in a natural way, she will also discuss the pros & cons of HRT and various supplements on the market today.
    Afternoon tea will be served at around 1600 with a Wine Tasting (alcohol-free) and a Chocolate Tasting (and yes, that is healthy too!)
    The final session of the day is with Dee Gardner herself. As a highly respected Psychotherapist (now retired), Dee will spend 90 minutes dealing with the power of the mind, and, in particular, she will help you with anxiety, mood swings, depression, sleep disorders, hypnosis, and so much more ... you may cry, you will laugh, and you will definitely leave feeling empowered.
    More about the day here
    If you can't attended this retreat but want more information about retreats in the Malaga province check out the website -  The local host will be Nicky Donaldson



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