Help Ann receive a life chance

  • You will have seen from our newsletter and/or social media that Costa Women have been reaching out to members who are currently facing cancer and are having to fund their own treatment.

    We decided to launch this campaign after being aware of one of our members who was advised there was nothing more the 'traditional treatments' could do to help her.

    Ann Jenkins (Henhoeffer) is one of our Costa Tropical members and a local hosts for several years until she became ill.  You may recall that I interviewed Ann when she took part in the eXXpedition - a Women only sailing challenge.  You can read our original interview here

    At age 55, Ann Jenkins was diagnosed with aggressive stage 4 metastatic triple-negative breast cancer. In the last 12 months she has undergone brutal chemo that resulted in severe depression, peripheral neuropathy (severe tingling in the hands and feet), neutropenia (low white cell count) requiring stomach injections and shortness of breath.

    In February she had a mastectomy and during her radiation therapy learned that the cancer had already spread to her lungs and sternum. The oncologists have given her a diagnosis of two years and put her on palliative chemo.

    However, any of you have met her know that Ann is by character not a woman to give up and she is determined to find an alternative solution to prolong her life. Research shows that immunotherapy is the future of cancer care and she learned about DENDRITIC CELL THERAPY.  However, it’s very expensive and not covered by public or private insurance. To learn more about this life-saving blood cell therapy, please visit Immucura's website.  Her goal is to raise €50K in order to receive treatment this year. 

    Let me hand over to Ann to tell her story:





    If you feel able to help Ann with a donation, however small please visit her personal GoFundMe campaign -

    We are also sharing and creating numerous events to help Ann reach her target. Maybe you would like to donate a raffle prize? 

    Throughout October, and coinciding with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Costa Women Groups across Spain are invited to hold either a dedicated Coffee & Cake sale, or their regular event with the addition of a raffle or other fundraiser to help Ann get her life-saving treatment.
    During these events, we hope to show a video where an expert in breast cancer will speak about the latest advances in diagnosis, treatment & self-care relating to breast cancer. In this way, we will all benefit from learning more about a disease that affects so many women of all ages everywhere.

    For more information, e-flyers, and details about Ann’s treatment, please contact Nadine Astorga via WhatsApp 649052099

    Additionally, Costa Women member, Sonia Ingriselli has put together a dinner and auction Razzle Dazzle Fundraiser in Marbella. Tickets are still available via email or by phone and WhatsApp at 604 38 02 73.  



    And Deborah Frati, our West of Marbella host, is finalising plans for a local event.


    Thank you from Ann and her husband Christopher.