Giveaway alert!! 24 hours only!!

  • Hi ladies! Anyone who knows me, knows I have a fierce passion for Spain and its food. Pop me on a sunbaked terrace and keep those tapas dishes coming. Oh and the wine - never forget the wine!!! I really should be the size of a house - but because the Mediterranean diet is so good for you... I'm still a slim Jim.

    A couple of years ago, I wrote a cookery book. It sells quite well anyway - but because today is World Paella Day... I thought I'd give it away for free... just for the day though! To grab yours, or just to read a little of my waffle - here's the link. If any of you (Costa Women only) don't have a Kindle, and would prefer a PdF copy... please email me on before midnight tonight and I'll whizz you a copy over. I'd also love, and be grateful for, any shares (which you can do from the original article).

    World Paella Day – and a giveaway!