Serious Savings when Buying or selling property overseas

  • Enjoy serious savings when buying or selling property abroad

    Whether you’re buying or selling a foreign property, how you chose to make your currency transfer can make a massive difference to how much you receive.

    While you might think using your bank is the easiest option, banks rarely offer competitive exchange rates, will typically charge you for making a currency transfer and aren’t able to offer personalised support.

    In fact, you could be thousands better off simply by using a market-leading currency specialist like Currencies Direct.

    Over the years Currencies Direct have helped thousands of people save money when buying or selling property overseas, and they provide their customers with access to a number of benefits that just aren’t available with a bank.

    For starters, Currencies Direct will offer you excellent exchange rates and keep you updated with the latest movements in the currency market. As even a small difference in the exchange rate you secure can leave you significantly better or worse off, achieving the best possible rate is essential if you want to get the maximum return for your currency transfer.

    With Currencies Direct you’ll also gain access to:

    • The ability to deposit a bankers draft for free
    • No bank sending/receiving charges
    • The option to fix an exchange rate for up to a year
    • Face-to-face support, with teams of currency experts in 15 offices across Spain
    • Personalised service for property sellers at the notary
    • Expert insight and regular currency market updates

    As the company is authorised by the FCA, you can also rest easy in the knowledge that your hard-earned money is in safe hands.

    And the savings don’t have to stop once you’ve bought your property. If you need to move smaller amounts of money overseas on a regular basis (to transfer pension payments, cover living costs or pay a mortgage) Currencies Direct can help you automate these payments and avoid pesky transfer fees.

    At Currencies Direct we’ve helped more than 210,000 customers with their currency transfers since 1996, just pop into your local branch, or give Gaynor Procter - Smith a call on 0034 673659580 to find out more, or email quoting 'Costa Women'.

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