Completed my 30 days alcohol free and feel fantastic.

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    My month without alcohol, has made me realise that you really don’t need it to enjoy life. The first thing that I noticed after only a few days is my face began to have shape I hadn’t realised how puffy alcohol had made it.  The incentive to carry on couldn’t have been better and I couldn’t believe how quickly this happened. I lost weight in other areas and the weight just seemed to drop easily. It wasn’t something I had thought about before I started so a massive bonus. 

    I had also noticed that when I was drinking the day after I could be anxious and having never suffered with anxiety this worried me. I didn’t want to spend my life feeling this awful feeling which was completely alien to me.

    Going into bars and restaurants the locals got to know me as the agua con gas girl. I do feel proud of myself and the benefits of not drinking far out weigh the negatives of drinking. I have decided I will carry on not drinking, I am more alert ,I have  more energy and wake up feeling great every day.

    The thing that helped me most , was before I started I had read a lot about the effects of alcohol and I am also a trained therapist who has helped lots of people with addictions and seen the devastation if it gets out of control. I used to say to my mind that I was drinking ethanol (which it is )and this helped me to not drink. Why put healthy good in your body and exercise, only to put a toxic substance in your body  

    I cannot think of any reason to start again but I will still enjoy the odd glass of bubbly, hopefully with some of you Costa Women. Cheers to my alcohol free life. 


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  • Lotta Slee
    Lotta Slee Congrats! I admire you and anyone else doing this. I've been thinking about quitting for a while. Not that I have a "problem" with alcohol; I mainly drink wine with dinner and a few drinks at parties on occasion, but I hate the way it makes me feel the...  more
  • Ali Meehan
    Ali Meehan Thank you so much for sharing your story Marie - beautiful that you have shared our success!
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