Something Nice I Read in the Book I´m Reading

  • I am still reading the book Power of a Positve Women. 

    The bit I just read I found very interesting.  With todays media I feel there is much more pressure on Women too look good and be "perfect" whatever that is.  I feel this has come because of all the photoshopping they do in the magazines and making models appear thinner or airbrushing etc.  So when I came across this part in the book I felt it was something very relavant in todays society so I have taking a photo of this part of the book to share with you all.  I feel it is something we all need to remember and to not to get caught up in all the media crap.  This book has given me many moments where I am like ahhh that is so true and really makes you think about the way you act and think and gives you a new perspective on life.  It is spiritual and refers to God etc but there is still many aspects of the book that can apply to every woman out there.  I recommend it to all.  It is by Kallie Ladd and called Power of a Positive Women. 

    I hope you like this and like I said it gives you something to think about. 


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  • Kim Gray
    Kim Gray Hi Emma - lovely words .One of the main tasks I face when treating clients (generally women) in my practice as a nutritionist /food counsellor is convincing them that they have value at whatever size, at whatever weight. My experience tells me that...  more
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