On Mindfulness

  • There are times in our life when we would like
    to stop thinking; to stop continuous, exhausting analysis of a particular,
    painful problem. But the mind won’t do that, won’t stop. We hear that
    meditation can quiet the mind and give us so wanted rest. Yes it can although
    it is not about quieting the mind it is rather about taking attention away from
    the stream of thoughts to some other area of vast human existence. If you don’t
    pay attention to your thoughts they don’t bother you. It is a shift in
    consciousness-away from thinking to, for example, sensing. It is simply a skill
    of redirecting attention and placing it wherever you want to. Easily said, not
    so easily done. We are so used to thinking that we can’t imagine a state of
    non-thinking. “I don’t want to be a thoughtless idiot” thinks the mind. It will
    never allow it. Take a chance, rebel against your mind, allow yourself to be a
    non-thinking idiot for 10, 15 minutes and watch what happens. MEDITATE.