On Mindfulness


    There are days without excitement-the ordinary days; no inspiration, no particular meetings, no prospect of fun. The everyday routine at work and at home; the tiding up, the food-making, bit of reading and telly watching-the everyday activities, the same people, the same tasks. Nothing happens; another normal and uninteresting day.

    When I take a closer look at such days I can see a great value in them.

    When I take a closer look at such days I discover situations and happenings that proved to be very important and significant for my happiness. And sometimes I reproach myself for not noticing them, for ignoring and overlooking them completely at that time. I regret not being fully present then and there.

    I don’t want to make this mistake anymore. I want to be present and conscious of my own life at every moment in spite of the judgement I put on it. I want to taste my days, I want to feel them. I want to be mindful. It is my life and every second of it is precious to me.


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  • Angie Clifford
    Angie Clifford Not risen from bed yet, and on my first cup of coffee, your smiling profile picture and lovely name ( my Grandaughter is an Isabelle) seems so much more interesting spelt with a Z! Yes I agree with you every moment of every day is precious.
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