San Isidro Olive Cooperative of Periana introduces their Ecolog

  • San Isidro Olive Cooperative of Periana introduces their Ecological Extra Virgin Olive Oil


     San Isidro Cooperative of Periana has started selling their Ecological Extra Virgin Olive Oila coupage created with the best hojiblancapicual and verdial olives with a maximum acidity of 0.2, which makes this delectable oil suitable for any dish and leaves a sweet and intense fruity flavor in your palate. 

    The Periana Ecological Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been granted the certificate of compliance issued by CAAE, a certification entity accredited in Andalusia and authorized by the European Union. This entity specializes in Ecological Production and legitimizes that San Isidro Cooperative of Periana submitted their production process to inspection and meets all the requirements established by the Council Regulation EC regarding production and labeling of ecological products. The certificate guarantees that during the cultivation process of the olive trees, only mechanical and biological methods were used. 

    San Isidro Cooperative is already a standard of unique and exceptional products such as the fruit from the verdialesolives. After several years of preparation of the ecological cultivating process, they have finally introduced this new product during their 2017-2018 campaign. This current season, the Cooperative collected 280,000 kilos of ecological olives that produced 45 tons of Ecological Extra Virgin olive oil. 

    The ecological extra virgin olive oil is also cold pressed and enjoys the same qualities as the conventional extra virgin olive oil. Similarly, it can be used as soon as it is extracted without a refining or any other industrial processes.

    The difference between a conventional extra virgin olive oil and an ecological one lies within the production system and the protection of the field; In other words, the absence of synthetic chemical products that could be aggressive for the environment. 

    Thus, the image of the Cooperative is not one of a simple olive mill, but of an olive press that is alive and offers a diversification of exclusive products suitable for the most refined palates, to reach new markets and because they are born in the best area of Malaga.

    In order to reach all types of customers, the Ecological Extra Virgin Olive Oil is available in Pet format of 5 and 2 liters, and in a dark glass bottle of half a liter. The PET ones are targeted towards their daily consumption within the meal preparation process and the glass ones to be consumed preferably raw in salads, on toast, etc. They are already available to be purchased in specialized stores and on their online store at production prices that are affordable for any budget. The 5 liter Pet is 29€, 11.80€ for 2 liters, and the 500 ml bottle is 4.90€.

    The Cooperativa Olivarera San Isidro de Periana is the only cooperative in Malaga dedicated to the production of VerdialExtra Virgin Olive Oil. It is made up of more than 800 families that take care and pamper more than 300,000 centenary olive trees. The careful selection of the fruit and elaboration process creates one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world. Besides the Verdial Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the Ecological Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the Cooperative offers you El Milenario (the Millennial), their star creation produced with the first green olives of the verdial millennial olive trees. Its golden color and apple flavor hide stories of the old times, where the images of Romans, Arabs, come to live. The 2016-2017 campaign included the Aceite Para Niños (olive oil for kids) as one its products. This oil aims to help the little ones used to consuming this product that is such a healthy staple for their growth process. 


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