Competa goes green

  • I’m Tina and I’m from England - I was born in 1954, so no spring chicken!  I am a community person, having helped out in Competa with their walking product, as well as in the north of Scotland.  My new platform at is very exciting.


    Where did your personal story start ? 

    I’m a country girl and was brought up in rural Lincolnshire. I used to go bean pulling and potato picking during school holidays, and was put on my first pony when I was 5. I have been transformed into an educated, well travelled woman, who has been all over the world.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  Even in Libya, when we got bombed it was exciting, not frightening.


    What were your business roadblocks and how did you overcome them?

    My biggest roadblock is being a woman in a man's world of technology.  My first degree is in IT and Spanish, an unusual combination back in the 1990s.  Many men still think that women cannot have technical brains as well as being writers.  I am a member of the NUJ in Belfast, and also of the Irish Writers Centre in Dublin.  Interesting mix.

    I love helping others, and it has got me into trouble on several occasions, not least in Scotland.  

    Who is your business role model and why?

    Ali Meehan  Just look at what she has achieved. 

    I’m seeing a theme at the moment where Women are very successful working for someone else and when they launched their own businesses the big MONEY word becomes an issue. What would be your top tip?

    Do not let people say you can't do it, or it is not worth it.  If other people are investing, it is worth it. 

    Moving forward

    Competa will be the first destination in the Axarquia to officially "Go Green" under the Green Destinations programme. The village was the first one on the map when we launched LetsGoSouth meets LetsGoSouth some years ago.  LetsGoSouth is the sister organisation of the successful LetsGoNorth which has now become the North Highland Way as I left Scotland in 2016. My lovely ex partner still lives up there and keeps me posted on what is going on.  There has since been quite a lot of developments, and read the latest about my most recent proposed project - The Spanish Armada Trail. Businesses both north and south can get involved in this by buying into the platform at