Introducing myself

  • Hey ladies, 

    Hope this finds you well and enjoying some sunshine?? 

    I am in the UK where it is surprisingly warm at the moment - not going to say too much about that!

    Thought I would come and introduce myself as it has been a while since I have been on both on here and down in Spainfrown

    I lived for a few years in Iznate which is to the east of Malaga but at the moment we are in the UK but always hopeful of a return to sunnier climes cool

    Ok, so an introduction.....

    My name is Helen and I am a 50 year old personal fitness trainer, yoga teacher, and what I like to call menopause maverick. 

    Having been through the whole menopause journey myself I have done lots of research into why such a natural process wreaks such havoc on us - I don't know about you but that just doesn't make any sense to me. 

    My health and fitness work now revolves around helping women understand what they are going through, getting to the root of what is wrong, and then making changes to their lifestyles in order that they can feel the absolute best that they can. 

    I don't follow the adage that we should slow down as we enter this stage of our lives - on the contrary, I strongly believe that these years, free from the constraints of raising children and living thorougly busy modern lives, should be some of the best of our lives. 

    To emphasis that point and show that we are still capable of amazing things after 50 I am training to run a 42 mile ultra marathon in September 2018 - crazy I know but hey, what's life without a little crazy laughing

    Anyhoo - my latest blog post explains a little more behind my thoughts on the menopause so if you want to go and have a little look then the link is as follows.

    Look forward to being on here more regularly.

    Helen x